Sustainable, unbiased, practical, and economical advice.

GroWest works with farmers to customize the best agronomic options for your success.

Field Scouting Services


We design scouting programs around your operation: we are in the field when you need us to be.

Agronomic Trial Design and Analysis Services

Agronomic Trial Design & Analysis

GroWest trials are designed not only using the best agronomics but also adhering to practical, efficient, economical methodology. We designs trials around your farm needs so that we know you can implement the solutions that deliver the highest ROI congruent with your equipment, operation, and land.

Crop Diagnostics Services

Crop Diagnostics

We provide timely and reliable lab tests for disease, herbicide resistance, etc.

If there’s something going on in your field that you can’t explain, call us! We have the tools, experience and expertise to problem solve.

Plant Tissue/Sap Testing Services

Tissue/Sap Testing

GroWest is rooted in science: the best way to see if your fertility plan is working is to sap test. With our new MobiLab from Metos Canada, we can have results in two hours, giving you the time you need to implement the best program for success.

Soil Sampling Services

Soil Sampling

We charge a fair per-sample cost, not per-acre, to deliver the best value. You decide: Whether you require benchmark, composite, or zone, sampling we can easily accommodate your needs.

Nutrient Management Services

Nutrient Management

GroWest works in partnership with our customers to ensure your fertility plans are agronomic and economical. We believe your success—and ours–starts with a solid fertility management plan.

Seed Testing Services

Seed Testing

Start your season off right. Drop off your seed samples to us and we will send them to be tested. This way you can be confident that your seed will perform the way you need it to.

Agronomic Trial Design and Analysis Services

Crop Planning

We make sure that your field selections are suitable for the crop you want to grow. We double check for herbicide carryover, disease risks, and weed pressures, and ensure that you’re maximizing your rotation.

Crop Planning Services


ROI analysis

GroWest offers comprehensive and flexible farm management and consulting services based on local knowledge, scientific data, experience, and expertise. Contact us to discuss your specific need and we will work with you to find answers and put a solid plan in place.

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